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Student volunteering

Mental health volunteer opportunities for students

Hey! We love that you're here. It means you want to do some good in this sometimes scary world.

Being a mental health volunteer can take many forms! If you’re too busy to volunteer consistently, unable to be there physically, or would just prefer to do something online, there are still many ways you can give back to the community.


We believe in the power of online volunteering for students. It’s a way to be flexible and help others without making any big commitments. You can support the community from home, on campus, or even from your morning bus… Anywhere you feel comfortable doing so! It’s the perfect solution if you’re an international student volunteering remotely.

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No designated shifts. Volunteer where and when it works for you.

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Take a break whenever you need to. Your mental health matters!

Two students chatting while working at the same table

Be part of a global community. Meet people and make friends from all walks of life!

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Flexible training and development. Learn at your own pace and in your own style.

Becoming a volunteer buddy at TalkCampus

TalkCampus buddies are users who have trained with us to be a peer supporter on the platform. Being a buddy means becoming a listening ear on our communities.That can take many forms! Here are some of the tasks you’d be performing:

  • Welcoming new people and ensuring we are a warm, supportive environment for those taking their first steps to talking and sharing

  • Commenting on posts and using your supportive skills to convey empathy and help people feel heard

  • Setting up your own groups and helping people feel connected with each other

  • Offering one-to-one buddy support to someone who is struggling

Student volunteer training

As a TalkCampus student volunteer, you’ll get an introductory call and receive full training before starting your duties. You will also get access to a volunteer Slack group and receive continuous support from our internal team and other volunteers if you have any questions or concerns. You will also get monthly clinical supervision where you can meet other buddies from around the globe, share your experiences, and ask any questions.


Please note volunteering and mental health services are very different responsibilities and we do not expect you to act as a counselor or deal with crisis situations. If you come across a crisis situation, we would only expect you to flag it to our professional team who will escalate it if needed.

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​General information


  • We ask that all volunteers spend 5-6 hours on TalkCampus per week doing their duties.

  • All volunteers are encouraged to take time off for their mental health if they need it.

  • A video call with one member of the admin team is needed in order to progress to the training.

  • Training takes place on Slack and is delivered via 5 modules with videos, information, and a quiz.

More questions about student volunteering?

We've answered some of your most asked questions about student volunteering at TalkCampus below.

Hear from our student volunteers

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'My volunteer experience has been very enriching and enjoyable! Being able to help the community, work alongside other volunteers, participate in workshops and group activities... all of this became a big and important part of my life. Some might say I take this experience too seriously, but I honestly think it has helped me to evolve and improve my ability to work as a team!'


Andreia, 20

Illustrated portrait

'It’s okay to be nervous. I was when I applied. But the team is super kind and is always here to help.'


❤️Here to help❤️, 20

Illustrated portrait

'It is a true honor to be part of this team. I have moderated on many other chat apps over the years, but none of them can come close to this platform when it comes to professionalism. On the whole, it has been not only a learning curve but a humbling experience for me. It allows me to keep my TalkCampus family safe.'


Shane, 57

Illustrated portrait

'I've enjoyed my experience as a Buddy because I'm a person who wants to help and put a smile on someone else's face if possible.'


WarriorCat, 25

Illustrated portrait

'There is not a single judging soul on the volunteer and administration team, there's no reason not to try! It's a lovely experience, and it's a healthy way of improving as human beings!'


LivelyTheBoopCloud🌈, 20

Illustrated portrait

'I love it! My experience on TalkCampus as a volunteer is wonderful.'


Petruș 22

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'Everyone gets nervous too, but don’t worry, as there are a bunch of volunteers on TalkCampus that’ll help you with the training and ways of handling users that need help. If you need help, do get in touch with either a Buddy. So what are you waiting for?! Sign up and be a part of our Peer Support Group!'


☠️Gothic_Lass☠️, 40

Illustrated portrait

'It can definitely be challenging but it’s a wonderful role and worth the work when I’ve seen that I’ve made a difference to the community.'


EmmiKC, 26

Illustrated portrait

'I would say that if you are worried about not being able to use the app like a regular user anymore, please don't think so. You're free to share whatever you're going through and seek help yourself while being a volunteer. The added benefit is that the rest of the volunteer team is extremely helpful if you need help or you're going through something as well. Another reason that I know that makes a lot of applicants hesitate is the video call. I would say that firstly you should be glad that the app requires identification from users seeking to be volunteers. Secondly, you're not required to keep your video on for the entire duration of the call and the admins are extremely polite and welcoming so there is nothing to worry about at all. I wish you the very best.'


Hedwig🌺 , 22

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