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TalkCampus launches in Lebanon in partnership with USEK

To complement its current student services, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) has partnered with TalkCampus, an around-the-clock peer-to-peer support program.

After recognising how the circumstances of the past 12 months have isolated their students from each other, USEK were keen to explore how they could create connection and bring their students together to express the ups and downs of life, and to share their experiences, concerns, and challenges with other students in a safe virtual environment.

TalkCampus appealed to USEK as a way to reach those students who were outside of their existing frameworks and connect them with relevant, timely support. TalkCampus offers that instant support from the ease of a student's phone, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

"During these hard and challenging times, we are all going through especially in the Lebanese community, USEK has introduced a new global mental health solution, TalkCampus, to further help students through the tough circumstances, giving them free access to instant, ongoing peer support ­via their mobiles." - Emilia Chawa, Counselor

TalkCampus is customised to each institution, so students will see the USEK student services embedded within the app ensuring they know exactly what support is available to them and how they can access this. In addition, real-time escalation ensures that students who are at a higher level of risk get the support they need.

‘Loneliness and isolation are rife across student populations currently. By providing social connection we can make sure that when those challenging feelings come up students aren’t left to work it out on their own. It’s been fantastic working with the team at USEK and we’re looking forward to supporting their students’ Jennifer Russell, Clinical Director TalkCampus.

TalkCampus is a 24/7 global peer support network for students. Supporting over 500,000 students worldwide with real-time moderation and escalation. If you would like to explore how TalkCampus can support your students we’d love to hear from you. Book a Demo -


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