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Cowley College Launches With TalkCampus

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the students of Cowley College in Arkansas City, Kansas! This partnership marks a significant step in providing comprehensive mental health support tailored to the unique needs of college students.

Rebecca Holman, MSW, Student Life Counselor, shares her excitement about this new collaboration:

"It is important for students to feel heard and seen, and we are a small community college with one counselor. That makes it difficult for us to reach every student that needs to work through any number of problems. TalkCampus bridges the gap between getting lost in the sea of students and being seen and heard, with the bonus of anonymity and 24/7 access. Students will have a safe space to share their experiences: good, bad, indifferent."

She continues:

"Sometimes, students just need to vent and hash things out; get a different perspective. TalkCampus provides understanding and support for students and encourages becoming part of a community. Students will feel more connected, less alone, knowing there are other students out there having some of the same or similar experiences, and learning and sharing skills to help them through."

TalkCampus is proud to partner with Cowley College to provide a platform where every student can feel supported around the clock. James Hackney, Head of Customer Success, explains:

“By offering an anonymous and accessible space, we empower students to share freely and connect with peers who understand their experiences. This partnership is not just about enhancing mental health support at Cowley College—it’s about nurturing a community where students can thrive together, sharing and growing through every challenge and triumph.”

The benefits of peer support are endless, and we are looking forward to Cowley College experiencing these. Rebecca Holman adds:

"I am excited for the quarterly reports that will show what topics are most discussed, which will help us build more courses, programs, and activities to create more engagement and well-being in our student population. I have already seen the positivity, encouragement, and support from the 'Buddys' and other students on posts, and it is lovely to see students wrapped up in that kind of caring. It's so different from what you see on other forms of social media! I feel confident and comfortable knowing that our students are in safe, capable hands with TalkCampus."

We are eager to see the positive impact this partnership will have on the Cowley College community.

How TalkCampus Works

TalkCampus is a global peer support network available to students around the clock. Our platform is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, providing a safe space for students to share their thoughts and feelings. With real-time moderation and escalation, we ensure that the community remains supportive and secure.

Looking Ahead

This partnership is a testament to the college’s commitment to enhancing student well-being and providing innovative solutions to mental health challenges.

For more information on how TalkCampus can benefit your students, we invite you to explore our platform and book a demo with us: 


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