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Florida State University launches TalkCampus to connect its 44,000 students with global, 24/7 peer support

Florida State University is a recognised Preeminent University, meaning it is a national leader in both student retention and graduation. FSU’s focus, led by its appetite for innovation, is for students to graduate with a pre-designed and focused plan for their career or graduate degree. But that doesn’t stop students from facing natural challenges, so FSU wants to arm them with multiple options to support them throughout their time there. 

With TalkCampus, Florida State University students now have free access to instant, ongoing peer support via native app or web to help them through the ups and downs of student life. TalkCampus offers a global student-specific clinically moderated peer support community across 26 languages. While traditional support services have a vital role to play in student mental health, online peer support plays a powerful role in upstream, early, and ongoing intervention.

Dr. Carlos Gomez, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Florida State University said of the partnership; 

‘I am thrilled that we are bringing TalkCampus to Florida State University. Enabling our students to support each other through this platform is an incredible opportunity to engage students in community, support and connection that we would not otherwise be able to offer. We know that creating a sense of belonging is vital to the success of students. TalkCampus will provide an opportunity to promote mental health awareness while reducing stigma around receiving mental health support and encouraging students to engage in help-seeking behaviors.’

TalkCampus is a proactive and preventative mental health solution that will complement FSU’s existing suite of well-being services such as Campus Recreation, Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness and the Career Center. 

Rebecca Whitfield, LCSW Associate Director for Treatment Coordination and Outreach at Florida State University added;

‘I am incredibly excited to be launching TalkCampus at Florida State University. This opportunity will allow students to engage in creating community and seeking support from their peers. This innovative program will assist in reaching students on our campus to help promote mental health awareness, well-being, support, and community. With the challenges that college students face this is one more opportunity to find where they belong and to both give and receive support as they face the challenges ahead.’

Jennifer Russell, Clinical Director at TalkCampus has said; 

"We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Florida State University; providing students with upstream early places to go for safe support is a crucial element for wellbeing. Peer support builds connection, resilience and ultimately reduces isolation. It’s not easy for many students to ask for support, by partnering with FSU we hope to enable many more students to take those first steps.’’ 

If you would like to explore how TalkCampus can support your students, we’d love to hear from you!


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