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Clinical Advisors

Clinical Advisors

Bringing together some of the best minds across suicide prevention, self-harm and the provision of mental health support online, our Advisory Board provides a clinical steer across all safeguarding and platform development. 
Matthew Nock

TalkLife Advisory Board
Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology
Harvard College Professor, Chair,
Department of Psychology,
Harvard University


TalkLife Advisory Board

Director of the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery

Dan Reidenberg

TalkLife Advisory Board
Exec Director, Suicide Awareness
Voices of Education

Eric Horvitz

TalkLife Collaborator / Advisor
MD, Microsoft Research


TalkLife Advisory Board

TalkLife Safety & Wellbeing Director
Consultant Psychiatrist, UKCCIS, London Digital Mental Wellbeing Service


A.M., Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology, Harvard University

John Draper

TalkLife Advisory Board
Director, National Suicide
Prevention Lifeline


Chair, TalkLife Advisory Board Director Research and Safeguarding TalkLife Ltd

Karthik Dinakar

TalkLife Advisory Board
Reid Hoffman Fellow
MIT AI Data Scientist


TalkLife Advisory Board

Alan Turing Centre

Christian Sejersen

TalkLife Board / Advisor
LEO Innovation


 Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Assistant Research Professor at the Institute of Social Research

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