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Does TalkCampus Help?

Impact focused and transparent reporting

Evidence and efficacy is central to our work. Our impact framework underpins our product development and our extensive research programme with some of the world's leading university teams informs our understanding of mental health and the critical role technology can play in offering support. 

We are at the cutting edge of mental health research exploring key research questions that will vastly improve the capacity of the online environment to provide impactful support for mental health. We hold a strong commitment to tangible research outcomes that have timely and relevant application. 

We are also committed to understanding our own impact as a platform and regularly undertake assessments and research to understand this. 

Dissemination and sharing the valuable insight we have as an organisation into the wellbeing and experiences of students around the world is part of the ongoing support we provide our TalkCampus institutions. 

Reporting and Data Sharing 

Data analysis and understanding the behaviours, trends and patterns within TalkCampus form a key element of our work and we share these findings with you as part of our quarterly reporting. 

As a TalkCampus University you will receive quarterly de-identified reports that highlight current usage patterns and any key trends across your student  population.  

  • Patterns of usage

  • Engagement levels 

  • Mood and Topics Discussed 

  • Outliers and community sentiment 

Your institution specific trends and data will be kept  confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties or partner Universities. 

In addition to quarterly reports our team are here to support you with building engagement and increasing awareness of TalkCampus across your student body and will work closely with you to share information around usage, particularly around promotional campaigns and marketing.

Data Protection & Security

At TalkCampus, we strive to uphold the highest data privacy standards for our users. We have implemented a suite of security across our architecture to ensure our members’ privacy and security is upheld. Through our governance and overarching management, we continually review our security policies and procedures.

We comply with the relevant data security and privacy standards of the UK, Australia, US and the EU.

More information around what data is collected and how it is collected can be found in our privacy policy.

What Our Students Have Said

"Having a safe space to rant and rave about your struggles really helps to lessen them. This app gives you that in an easy to navigate space full of people sharing the same experiences. Really just what I needed right now."

“Downloading this app was the best thing I could have done. It means the world knowing that people who don’t even know me are willing to be there for me if I need somebody.”

“This app was really good! It creates so much care, I have never felt this much support from just an app and that too from students ,who are like me!!! It’s really fresh....”

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