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Brookdale Community College Launches with TalkCampus

"We Know This Will Help Our Students Both in and out of the Classroom"

Brookdale Community College based in New Jersey is the latest college to launch

TalkCampus, showing their commitment to the wellbeing and academic success of their


We welcome Brookdale students to the platform where they can access a safe and

supportive community built from the ground up for mental health combining real-time

24/7 safeguarding and escalation, trained peer supporters and professional staff.

TalkCampus will be used to complement Brookdale’s existing counseling services and

ensure that there is support available for those students who are outside of the college’s

existing framework. The ease of access was one of the key features that appealed most

to the Brookdale team, with students being able to access round the clock support from

their smartphone, wherever they are in the world.

“Brookdale is excited to partner with TalkCampus to provide our students with another resource to help support their mental health and wellness. TalkCampus harnesses the power of peer support with professional safeguards and gives students a safe space to openly discuss the mental health and other issues that are impacting them 24/7. We know this will help our students both in and out of the classroom” – Christopher Jeune, Executive Director of Student Services at Brookdale Community College.

While traditional support services have a vital role to play for student mental health, online peer support plays a powerful role in early and ongoing intervention. A recent survey found that since using TalkCampus, 85 percent of students find it easier to ask for help when they need it and 82 percent find it easier to cope with life.

“Talking about your mental health can be challenging, but by giving students access to an upstream service like TalkCampus, students are able to be proactive about their wellbeing and receive support for any challenges they are facing, in an environment that is familiar and intuitive to them. We are very excited to be working with Brookdale Community College and look forward to welcoming their students to our community.” -Jennifer Russell, Clinical Director at TalkCampus.

TalkCampus is a 24/7 global peer support network for students. Supporting over 500,000 students worldwide with real-time moderation and escalation. If you would like to explore how TalkCampus can support your students we’d love to hear from you. Book a Demo -


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