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New Jersey City University launches TalkCampus to ensure students have 24/7 mental health support

NJCU is the latest institution to commit to supporting the well-being of students by choosing to partner with innovative mental health solution, TalkCampus. With TalkCampus, students now have free access to instant, ongoing peer support ­ via their smartphones, to allow them to feel connected to other students, their place of study and foster a community of support.

NJCU students will be part of a safe, supportive, community combining real-time 24/7 safeguarding and escalation, trained peer supporters and professional staff. Bilingual support ensures they can open up in their own language and helps international students and those studying abroad.

“We are incredibly excited to offer our NJCU students another opportunity to have the wellness resources they need, especially during this difficult time. TalkCampus will allow our students to talk with someone in real-time about the issues they may be thinking about, struggling with, or trying to process. We have seen the great results this has had with other schools and look forward to this new initiative!” - NJCU Counsellor

Online peer support plays a powerful role for upstream, early, and ongoing intervention and the platform will complement and work seamlessly alongside NCJU’s existing student support services. The app is specifically customised for students with all of the NJCU student services embedded within the application. Students will be able to talk with students all around the globe whilst having support options specific to their needs and place of study.

“Student life has changed significantly over the past 12 months with huge repercussions for students. Having a place where they can come together with other students around the world and share their ups and downs can be a very powerful tool and is a wonderful addition to New Jersey City University’s existing support services. We’re delighted to welcome NJCU to the platform and look forward to supporting their students. ” - Jennifer Russell, Clinical Director at TalkCampus.

TalkCampus is a 24/7 global peer support network for students. Supporting over 500,000 students worldwide with real-time moderation and escalation. If you would like to explore how TalkCampus can support your students we’d love to hear from you. Book a Demo -


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