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TalkCampus Now Available to the 65,000 Students Studying at The University of New South Wales

Ranked in the top 70 universities worldwide, UNSW Sydney is the 11th university to partner with TalkCampus across New South Wales, and the 18th across Australia.

UNSW is a world-leading teaching and research powerhouse, dedicated to shaping forward-thinking graduates who make a positive impact in the world. One of the key elements of TalkCampus that appealed to the UNSW team was that students can access round-the-clock support no matter where they are in the world, in up to 26 different languages.

Application rates to the university from international students have now exceeded pre-covid levels. This is one way the team is able to overcome the language and time zone barriers that may impact access to mental health support for their international student community.

With TalkCampus, students have free access to instant, ongoing peer support ­via their smartphones within a familiar and intuitive network. While traditional support services have a vital role to play in student mental health, online peer support plays a powerful role in upstream, early, and ongoing intervention.

The team recognised that being able to offer their international, interstate, and regional students accessible mental health support from their devices, would help to decrease the rates of isolation and other mental health concerns. UNSW see TalkCampus as a proactive and preventative mental health solution that will complement its existing suite of well-being services.

"I’m really pleased that the University is working with ‘Talk Campus’ to introduce the program for all UNSW students in 2023. An aspect of our Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, launched in 2022 is to implement innovative programs to assist students to be prepared for and to have early awareness of mental health challenges. What we know from research and working with our own students is that creating a sense of belonging for students along with platforms that focus on being student-led are strong preventative mental health mechanisms. Such initiatives help to break down stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviours." Neil Morris, Director of Student Wellbeing at UNSW

“With the launch of UNSW, TalkCampus is now available to over 25% of all students studying in Australia, and it’s fantastic to see these proactive institutions recognise peer support as integral to the student experience. By providing social connection through peer support, we can make sure that during their studies, students have a solid support network they can turn to at any time of the day or night. We are incredibly excited to be launching TalkCampus at UNSW and we know that the community will be an incredible resource for students and aid them in their success.” Jamie Druitt, Head of Product at TalkCampus

If you would like to explore how TalkCampus can support your students, we’d love to hear from you. Book a demonstration below:


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