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TalkCampus partners with the UK’s oldest independent architecture school, AA School of Architecture

Founded in 1847, the AA is the UK’s oldest independent architecture school and is

considered one of the most prestigious in the world. During the pandemic the school

has aimed to adapt and strengthen its mental health support for students, and

specifically find a solution that would provide instant assistance 24 hours a day, seven

days a week.

Therefore, the AA is partnering with TalkCampus, an innovative global mental health

solution where students come together from around the world within a safe and

supportive infrastructure. The AA recognised that TalkCampus would help those

students who are outside the existing frameworks and to connect them with relevant

and timely support.

AA staff have introduced methods of interacting and engaging with students, both in

terms of teaching and learning as well as through the enhancement of student services,

and TalkCampus is part of this initiative.

Belinda Flaherty, the AA School Registrar and Lauren O’Brien the Assistant School

Registrar stated about the partnership, ‘We are very pleased to launch TalkCampus at

the AA School. With our close-knit community currently spread across several

continents and time zones, this year has been an especially important time to focus on

coming together’ and that ‘the TalkCampus service, which is anonymous, connects

students with a network of their peers – giving them the opportunity to share their

experiences, concerns and challenges with fellow students, all in a safe, online

environment. The mobile phone app gives students instant access to an online support

network and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.’

Launched to coincide with Term 3 registration, TalkCampus not only offers instant

ongoing support but also intelligently alerts students to additional options for help; all

embedded within the app. A combination of peer support, machine-learning and

innovative design, TalkCampus offers a community of support for academic anxieties,

isolation and life’s ups and downs while also providing social connection with like-

minded people, in a non-judgmental environment, which is an essential protection factor

for people struggling to cope.

‘It’s not easy to reach out for support when you’re struggling. Having an anonymous

place where you can take those first steps can make it feel a little easier, especially

when it feels familiar and intuitive. We’re delighted to be launching TalkCampus at the

AA School of Architecture and welcoming their students to the platform.’ Jamie Druitt,

Head of Product and Partnerships, TalkCampus

TalkCampus supports over 500,000 students worldwide with real-time moderation and

escalation and if you would like to explore how your organisation can join the

community please book a demo with us; we would enjoy talking to you:


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