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Always-on support for University of York students with TalkCampus

The University of York, ranked 17th in the Times Good University Guide, is a dynamic, research-intensive university in England, enabling over 20,000 students to develop life-saving discoveries and new technologies that tackle some of the most pressing global challenges.

All York students become members of a college system, which provides an inclusive and valuable sense of community on campus alongside the cultural offerings of the thriving city of York. But alongside their growing community spirit and extensive existing student support services, the University of York wanted to offer their students something more. They wanted their students to have access to constant, instant support including out-of-hours. That’s why they chose TalkCampus.

"TalkCampus will provide a broader range of support to our students for all hours of the day and night. It gives our students access to peer support from around the world and access to excellent self-help options as well as clinical support," Nic Streatfield, Director of Student Life and Wellbeing at the University of York.

““We are delighted to be partnering with the University of York. It’s not easy to start talking about how you’re feeling and sometimes being able to do this anonymously and discreetly from the safety of your phone helps people to take those first steps. We are so passionate about the power of peer support and it’s been a pleasure working with the York team who so clearly share this passion!”” Jennifer Russell, Clinical Director at TalkCampus

TalkCampus offers instant, ongoing support from the ease of a student's phone, 24/7 with real-time moderation and clinical escalation. With a combination of peer support, machine learning, and innovative design, this global community supports students through anxiety, isolation, and life’s ups and downs. It’s also a great environment to build social connections with like-minded people in a non-judgmental environment.

The TalkCampus platform is joining the University of York’s existing student wellbeing offering, including face-to-face counselling services and local community support – all of which are embedded into TalkCampus. Peer support will help York reach their students at all hours of the day and give them an early upstream support option.

One of the aspects of TalkCampus that appealed most to the University of York was the visual identity of the brand, including a host of materials they could share with their students. They were also attracted by the international aspect of the service, with peer support available in 26 languages to ensure all of their students can easily access support in whatever language they feel most comfortable speaking.

The idea that students can connect with other students anywhere, anytime, while being backed by clinical support, makes TalkCampus the perfect fit for the suite of support options available to York students.

TalkCampus is a 24/7 global peer support network for students. Supporting millions of students worldwide, in multiple languages, with real-time moderation and escalation. If you would like to explore how TalkCampus can support your students we’d love to hear from you. Book a demo below:


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