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Bloomsbury Institute launches with TalkCampus

"We are very excited to Introduce TalkCampus to our Range of Student Support Services"

Bloomsbury Institute takes proactive steps to strengthen student support by partnering with TalkCampus.

Bloomsbury Institute based in central London, delivers accounting, business, and law degrees within a uniquely supportive environment.

A student’s potential, not their past, is what secures a place at Bloomsbury Institute – that’s why Bloomsbury Institute is recognised for its strong commitment to widening participation, offering disadvantaged and underrepresented students access to higher education.

To enhance their support services, Bloomsbury Institute has taken the progressive step of introducing TalkCampus to their entire student body. All students will now have instant and ongoing access to the first global student mental health service app that provides support around the clock, with real-time escalation.

"We are very excited to introduce TalkCampus to our range of student support services here at Bloomsbury Institute. Peer Support is integral to the student experience and especially important during these challenging times. By partnering with TalkCampus, we look forward to expanding the scope of Peer Support, giving our students the space to speak to and learn from others around the UK and the World." – Sarah Bailey, Director of Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success at Bloomsbury Institute.

TalkCampus is a proactive and preventative mental health solution that is inclusive of all students, whether on campus or studying remotely. A combination of peer support, machine learning and innovative design mean that students have a community that makes talking about how they’re really feeling that little bit easier.

The benefits of peer support are wide-ranging and well evidenced. Peer support can be an effective mechanism to support people with anxiety, depression, addiction and many other mental health issues. Participating in peer to peer support has been linked to: an increased ability to cope, a greater sense of wellbeing & resilience, higher levels of self-esteem and confidence.

‘Studying can be a really challenging time for students and it’s not easy to admit that you’re struggling. We’re delighted to be launching TalkCampus for Bloomsbury Institute students and to be able to offer an engaging place for them to talk to students about their mental health and wellbeing.’ Andrew Welch, Head of Partnerships, TalkCampus.

TalkCampus combines unique machine learning classifiers with professional staff to provide real time escalation and moderation at a massive scale. We identify within milliseconds whether a student is at risk and use this information to provide timely, relevant support.

We are excited to be able to add Bloomsbury Institute to our global catalog of forward-thinking and proactive institutions.

TalkCampus is a 24/7 global peer support network for students. Supporting over 500,000 students worldwide with real-time moderation and escalation. If you would like to explore how TalkCampus can support your students we’d love to hear from you. Book a Demo -


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